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Foresight Systems
Experts in Digital Intelligence

Foresight Systems specializes in consultancy committed to using Digital Intelligence technology to automate business processes and improve work with all types of documents.

Having more than 15 years of experience in automatic identification technology related to fixed and flexilayout documents, Foresight Systems can manage and monitor BPM, ECM, DMS processes.

Providing the technology and services we help companies automate and manage processes, increase efficiency and reduce manual operations. Automation solutions allow specialists in companies to focus on delivering greater value and increase the efficiency of their work.

We are providing two types of services:

1. Consultancy & Advice
2. Solution Implementation & Integration & Configuration & Technical Support

We are specializing in solutions in the field of:
  • Digital Intelligence
  • Automated invoice processing
  • Forms processing
  • Mailroom automation
  • Digital Intelligence for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Document classification
  • Document archiving
  • Content analytics
and OCR / ICR / OMR / OBR technology

Our expert team consists of certified specialists such as consultants, programmers, software development engineers, and technical specialists. We have comprehensive knowledge and experience in the implementation of Digital Intelligence solutions. We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right solutions.

Foresight System is a member of DMT Innovation Cluster

The DMT Innovation Cluster is a complex structure of many independent innovation-oriented companies, based on cooperation and mutual support.


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99 %

recognition accuracy in regards to the content, layout and structure of a document.


number of automatically recognized languages of printed text ​​thanks to the OCR technology


the number of forms processed per day. The highly scalable system that can be set up in either Standalone or Distributed configuration It depends on the complexity of the layout and processing settings.

Do you know that...?

70% of invoices are received on paper
One invoice can be copied up to 5 times during its manual processing lifecycle
35% of companies are receiving invoices at multiple locations
Companies that opted for AP automation report a more than 2
Times reduction in invoice processing costs
Companies that opted for AP automation report an invoice processing cycle that is more than 50% faster

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Craven House, 40-44 Uxbridge Road,
Ealing, London, W5 2BS, UNITED KINGDOM
Registered in UNITED KINGDOM, Number 10671980